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 “How to Choose a Lawyer – and Win your Case” guides the layman on ways to deal with disputes.

The book is divided into two parts. The first offers advice on whether you really need a lawyer, how you should choose one and how you should make payment. This part of the book also tells you about the lawyer-client relationship, the lawyer&’s duty to a client and how you can sue your lawyer.

The second part deals with how you can win your case. Engagingly written (the book quotes from Hamlet to tell you whether or not you should file a case), and offering pithy suggestions on how to deal with a conflict, this book is likely to help the lay litigant as much as a more experienced one.- The Statesman


I bought this book ' How to choose a lawyer and Win Your Case' two weeks back. Before I read this book I am never familiar with this kind of book which is related with the legal terms. This time I just wanna give a try in order to expand my scope of reading but later found it really helpful. I appreciate the way Talwar explained things making it so simple and easy to understand for common people. In one of the chapter he talks about 'why we shouldn't go after the nameplate' while choosing a lawyer. This give a blink to my eyes cause that's what exactly I'm gonna do if I haven't read this book.-

If you wish to win a legal case, a part of the story is about engaging the right lawyer and handling him well. This book explains in an easy-to-understand style how to choose the right lawyer and how to improve the odds of winning your case. 
When to file a case... and when not to do so What does winning a case really mean When not filing a case can be 'winning' a case When compromising with the other side is a win-win case How you can help your lawyer win your case What to look for in a lawyer - and how to find one How best to utilize your lawyer's skills - and how much to pay him What you can expect from your lawyer - and what you shouldn't Professional rules of conduct every lawyer is bound to adhere to A lawyer's duties to his clients How to avoid unscrupulous lawyers 
Simply written and with examples of some high-profile contemporary cases, this book will be a big help for anyone caught up in litigation.

Talwar in his book How to choose a Lawyer - and Win your Case goes on to describe very lucidly, the need to hire a lawyer, the circumstances that lead to litigation, the situations warranting a lawyer and of course, not just any lawyer. The author gives you various tips to look for the best person who can take up your case and represent your interests in the best possible manner.

In the process of explaining how to choose the best advocate and win your case, Talwar also unravels many aspects of the legal profession, their functioning, the different kind of practicing advocates in India and the US, how different is litigation procedures in India and how in the US, a lawyer can claim a percentage of the damages and the compensation awarded by the court.-