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This book offers a quick, easy-to-access overview of Indian cyberlaws: Contracts in cyberspace: Essential elements of a valid cyber-contract, how to prove the existence of a contract made in cyberspace; terms and conditions of a cyber-contract, etc. E-commerce: Special focus on key issues, including forums to decide e-commerce disputes; jurisdiction in domestic and international e-commerce transactions, arbitration, digital signatures, etc. How to protect the intellectual property of your business in cyberspace: Trademarks, copyrights and patents; online resolutions of domain name disputes; legal remedies, etc. Security of information assets: Actions which contravene the law; penalty and compensation; legal procedures for tackling contraventions; cybercrimes and punishment; key changes in existing laws to facilitate punishment. Internet is an exciting, vast and substantially uncharted territory for a whole range of business activities. This book will help you grasp the key legal issues of successfully doing business online.

With India emerging as a software giant it is easy to see why there would be interest in doing e business with this country. Mr Talwar's book not only takes you through the relevant national legislation governing such transactions, it gives you an overview of the hurdles a prospective businessman is likely to face in terms of jurisdictional remedies and slow moving systems of justice. E Business is an exciting phenomenon but countries such as India needs to break with that portion of its past that represents antiquated judicial and bureaucratic structures. The book could have done with making comparisons with China as the other major player of the 21st century, but nevertheless, kudos to Mr Talwar, who has brought out several other useful books demystifying the law for the layperson.-