It is not merely sensible but also advisable for every adult to make a Will. A Will ensures that your property goes to people of your choice. It can also pre-empt litigation among your legal heirs about who should get what.
In this book the author explains simply and clearly everything you need to know about making your Will:

-What you can bequeath and what you can't
-The legal procedures and formalities for the execution of a Will
-Why, how, and when to amend your Will
-Pros and cons of registering your Will
-Who to select as your witnesses, executor, and trustee
-How to draft your Will. For your ready-reference, the author provides 6 specimen drafts: ready-made Wills you can adapt for your own use.


"No legal hyperbole . . . just points you in the right direction towards drafting your own Will." - The Tribune


"The book brims with drafting hints, checklists, specimen Wills to cover any given practical situation."-  EXPRESS INVESTMENT WEEK

"A useful book in life . . . and death. Truly, here's how to save your heirs from legal wrangles" - FEMINA

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