What happens when a playwright decides to write about the legal system of a country? He gives everyone a role in the grand production. This is what Rajesh Talwar does in this book. Far from being a dry, pedantic reading, all the characters come alive in this masterly portrayal of how injustice not justice is delivered at the step of the common man. The book opens with a section titled Dramatis Personae, which include, predictably The Judge, The Prosecutor, The Witness and not so predictably The Court Clerk and The Chess Pawn. All in all, a fine read, especially for one not well versed in the twists and turns that the system is likely to take for a wannabe litigant. Litigate at your own peril, seems to be the books conclusion, unless lawmakers step in to fix the falling edifice of an inherited colonial judicial apparatus.-

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In a tongue and cheek account the author has described with great clarity and insight the current mess the Indian judiciary and justice system finds itself in. He has also suggested ways and means by which this crisis in the legal system could be tackled. This book is essential reading for policy makers, those concerned with the law and the concerned citizen.