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The whole point of this book is Environment protection. It taught us that irrespective of age, each one of us are responsible to take the necessary step.
This book is written in simple English. The main characters who played 'The Three Greens' are aged between 9 to 11, which I hope would make it easier even for kids to relate the story with them and understand better.
In the last part of the book-' An Enviro-Mystery Play' is something which caught my attention as it could be perform in schools and colleges to bring awareness to the younger generation.
Lastly, although not related with the theme of the book, I personally love Roomy's character that the author described so well which seems so real with some kids. Would like to recommend to other readers too, especially School teacher.-

Monika and her two cousins, Pravir and Roomy, form a small group devoted to the protection of the environment. They discover the world of through adventure, mystery and romance. From Nainital to Delhi and back they make friends, explore places of interest together and even solve the mystery of a ‘Green Ghost’ in a haunted house. The Three Greens, as they call themselves, are just as curious as they are environmentally conscious. They learn from their peers, elders and from nature. Engagingly told these stories conduct us through small experiences and seek solutions to serious environmental issues.

I love these three children, and their adventures.
If your brats ( I have three) are not conscious of wastage of food, use of plastic, give them this book to read. Better and more effective than listening to lectures.-